Laser Cutting

MITSUBISHI High Spec Laser Cutting Machine


  1. Fiber Laser 8 kW
  2. Fiber Laser 10kW
  • Shorten delivery with affordable price, no need initial tooling cost!
  • From one piece order OK cut !:fine shape OK cut !
  • Adaptable material:Mild steel、Aluminum and Stainless steel, fine cut with sharp edge
  • Product dimension:maximum 1500×3000mm ・thickness ~25mm

Press Brake


Robot welding

Equipment list

Cutting machine

Laser cutting machine (Mitsubishi) 1 Unit 8 KW 1515×3030 19mm
Laser cutting machine (Mitsubishi) 1  Unit   10kW    1515×3030 25mm
Sharing machine 1 Unit 8mm


Press brake (Komatsu) 5 Units 50t x 1250mm
Press brake (Komatsu) 1 Unit 175t x 3000mm
Press brake (Panshi) 1 Unit 300t×4000mm
Crank press (Komatsu) 1Unit 150t
Crank press (Komatsu) 1Unit 80t

Welding Machine

Welding robot (Yasukawa、OTC) 5 Units
Semi auto welding (OTC) 10 Units
TIG welding(OTC) 4 Unit
Spot welding 2 Units

Machining equipment

Drilling machine 4Units
Lathe 1Unit